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The video clips below are in Divx format. Download the drivers and they seamless integrate into Microsoft Media Player. The video files are much smaller with the same quality. What does that mean? Faster download times. Hope you enjoy.
If you are using a slow connection, it might work better to right-click the video link and select "Save Target As" and save the video to your hard drive. Then open the video file with Windows Media Player (or your favorite movie player).
October 2, 2005

JH Rice Memorial Flyin

High Quality Divx
346MB 16 minutes


  March 16, 2003 

Radio Control Hobbies TV Show

20 minutes

Low Res. (76meg)

High Res. (179meg)

January 12, 2003

Mike's CARDEN 2.5meg (High Res 5.7meg)
Keith doing some stunts 2.7meg (High Res 8.8meg)
Low flying 3D 2.1meg (High Res 4.6meg)
Inverted Flat Spin .4meg (High Res 1.8meg)
Knife Edge Snap 3.4meg (High Res 8.8meg)


January 2, 2003

Here are some clips. Sorry it's taken so long to get them posted.

U-Can-Do Flight 4.2meg
(High Quality 10.5meg)

Keith's Cap-232 4.1meg
(High Quality 9.9meg)



March 24, 2002

Mark's Piper Cub

Piper takeoff (3meg)
Piper crash (11.6meg)


March 21, 2002

Keith's Cap 232

Hard Landing (4.4meg)
Smoken 1 (1.9meg)
Smoken 2 (1.1meg)
Knife Edge spin with smoke (.8meg)

Greg's Pizazz

First flight takeoff (1.3meg)
Landing (.7meg)
Flyby (.6meg)
Hammer Head (.4meg)

February 23, 2002

George Hicks flying. Don't try this at home.

Cap232 hover (3.1meg)
Cap232 Elevator (4.7meg)

Hand Launch (2.8meg)
End over tail (1.9meg)
Roll Hover (7meg)
Tail Dip (600K)
Tail Dunk (1.6meg)
Tail Dunk #2 (1.7meg)

February 21, 2002

Another of Keith's flights with his Cap232 (10meg)

My Cub with smoke (5.3meg)

February 15, 2002

Keith's Cap232

First Flight (16.7meg)

Duane's Famous Puzzle Plane

Flight (6meg)

January 28, 2002

Mike's Inverted Flights:

How low can he go (3.7meg)
Not this low (4.2meg)

January 28, 2002

Frank's rebuilt CAP232:

Taxiing (6.7meg)
First Flight (4.5meg)
2nd Flight ouch (3meg)
3rd Flight (not recorded)
4th Flight (6meg)
5th Flight (3.6meg)

January 20, 2002

Stephen's TwinStar (9meg)

November 30, 2001

Mike and his Tiger2 (18.7meg)

San Antonio Fall Float Fly 2001
Sponsored by River City R/C Flyers

Here are clips from the show:

Fast wing plane (2.8meg)
View of the field (2.8meg)
Larger SeaMaster (5.2meg)
Wing plane could use a rudder (3.7meg)
Jerry flying his SeaMaster (5.7meg)
Another wing plane (1.6meg)
Trainer with floats (1.8meg)
Low wing float plane (3.5meg)
Ducted fan-attempt 1 (6.6meg)
Ducted fan-attempt 2 & 3 (6.9meg)
Duane fly his SeaMaster (3.8meg)
Piper stalling on takeoff (1.1meg)
Fast float plane (3.2meg)
Flying Saucer (1.4meg)
Big Coyote plane (9.3meg)
Touch and Go Race (11.9meg)
90 degree takeoff (3.4meg)
Twin engine PBY (6.9meg)
Jerry and his SeaMaster (4.6meg)
Twinstar plane (1.5meg)

If you would like the entire video, please send $2 to cover cd-r and shipping. It is 29:05 long (570meg) of MPEG video. I accept money orders or checks. Please email me for the mailing address. Or pay via PayPal. Just click the link below.

Lost Footage (Divx) from 8/6/01

These are video clips from our flying video camera.

Takeoff #1 (3.9meg)
Flyby #1 (1.7meg)
Flyby #2 (2.1meg)
Flyby #3 (4.0meg)
Landing #1 (5.9meg)
Battery Falls out (.7meg)
Takeoff #2 (1.6meg)
Landing #2 (3.0meg)
Chase Takeoff (1.3meg)
Chase #1 (.6meg)
Chase #2 (1.6meg)
Chase landing (1.3meg)
Landing #3 (5.1meg)


From the Austin Big Bird (Divx)

Keith Flying 14.8meg

Pipers and some stunts 8.5meg

Jet 15.1meg

Stunts 41.7meg

Bipe and Keith 8.7meg

RC Video from Public Access
I stumbled across this on cable channel 20. The video quality is bad, but that's the way it was on TV. It's of an air show, somewhere. It's LARGE. The best way to view is to right-click the link and "save target as" and save it to your hard drive.

RC Public Access Video (166meg)



Video from Mark's Piper
We mounted a video camera to the
 wing. This is a LARGE 23Meg file.

Rays rocket plane doing a fly-by

Rays rocket fast plane

Saved Marks Plane From a Tree

The Same In Slow Motion

Edge 540 #1


Edge 540 #2


Edge 540 Rolling Circle


Greg's Tree Crash


Marks Maiden Cub Takeoff


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